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Perfect for Basement Home Theater

During this time of staying at home many of us are finding that we need more space to spread out around our homes. Maybe we need a new space for a home office, instead of our kitchen table. Not only are we looking for more space to find a spot to call our own in our homes, but we are also spending more time together as families. This means more cooking and baking together, more game nights, more long walks, and lots of movie nights and binge watching!  You may be finding that you need a separate spot for your movie and binge watching than your living room. Maybe half your family wants to watch one movie and the other half wants to watch another movie. Or maybe you’re just missing the movie theaters and want to create a space for this in your own home. A basement is the perfect spot for this and Impressive Basements is the company to make your home theater and home office dreams come true!

Home Theater and Home Office are two big ideas that are driving the basement remodeling market. Our Basement Finishing System is perfect for both because our system is QUIET. Our specially manufactured panels are made of a strong Knauf Brand “Greenguard” fiberglass panel with beautiful acoustical fabric laminated to the face. Of course our panels are removable and mold resistant, but they also have the added benefit of a .85 NRC. NRC stands for “Noise Reduction Coefficient” that means that 85% of the sound that hits our panel is absorbed and not reflected out as noise. …So if you want to add a Home Theater or Home Office to your remodeled basement, it only makes sense to finish your basement with The Impressive Basement finishing System!

Check out this YouTube video of a home theater review from one of our previous customers here!