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Is it possible to soundproof ceilings?

If you are looking for a straight answer, then I will give you all time favorite: it depends. First because there is no such thing as soundproof walls or ceilings same way as there are no bulletproof cars or windows. There is always something that can go through. Although, you can reduce the amount of sound coming into or out of a room by using noise control measures.

You are probably wondering what sound absorbing materials to use to control noise? Acoustic Ceiling Panels. However there are literally hundreds of products on the market. So I broke down ceiling products in 2 categories and explained what is the difference and which one are the best for your specific needs.

To choose the right building materials there are 2 key terms to understand:

  1. Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)

NRC is a single-number rating for comparing the sound absorption of building materials. Products with a high NRC value absorb sound and help reduce echo. Sound absorption is necessary to improve the clarity of speech while reducing excessive noise within a room.

Acoustic Ceiling Tile with high NRC:

-Ceiling tiles by USG, for example USG Glacier or Sandstone

USG Glacier Basic Acoustical Panel

  • Acoustical Ceiling Panels by Armstrong Ceilings, for example Ultima, Cirrus or School Zone

Armstrong Cirrus Tegular

Armstrong Georgian – School Zone

2 Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC)

CAC is a single-number rating for comparing sound depletion of ceiling systems, Products with a high CAC value can help reduce sound transmission between rooms that share a ceiling plenum. Airborne or structural sound transmission must be reduced to prevent sound from traveling between two spaces.

Best products with high CAC:

CertainTeed Performa Vinylrock