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Drywall Versus Impressive Basements

Let the competition begin!

Round 1: Mold

Drywall: When exposed to moisture drywall will grow mold, and many times the very dangerous black mold Stachybotrys (/ˌstækiˈbɒtrɪs/). Finished Basements can often be the perfect environment for mold to grow. This is how the experts describe it: “Stachybotrys chartarum is a greenish-black mold. It can grow on material with a high cellulose content, such as fiberboard, gypsum board, and paper. Growth occurs when there is moisture from water damage, water leaks, condensation, water infiltration, or flooding.” For more information see the Discovery Channel Video here.


Impressive Basements: Mold needs an organic food source to grow so we have developed a completely non organic system. We use durable galvanized metal studs that will not mold, rot, or rust. We use high density fiberglass panels covered with a beautiful acoustic fabric. The fabric is made from recycled soda bottles! Our entire system is Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified.

Round 2: Installation Cleanliness

Drywall: Installing drywall is very messy. The dust from installation gets everywhere including your lungs, and the lungs of everyone living in the house.


Impressive Basements: No saw dust, no drywall dust. Just a very fast, very clean installation process.

Round 3: Replaceable?

Drywall: If a crack forms on your foundation wall it is very difficult and expensive to get at the leak, and worse you may not know about it, and mold will develop.


Impressive Basements solution: Impressive Basement panels can be removed and replaced in less than ten minutes. Check out this video here.

Round 4: Installation

Drywall: It takes a long time to install. Hang it. Tape it. Let it dry. (Takes a long time to dry in finished basements). Mud it. Let it dry. Sand it. (more dust) Repeat it a few more times.


• Impressive Basements: We complete our finished basements in two weeks. That’s right 2 Weeks. Walls , ceiling , lights electrical, flooring, doors, and trim all completed in 2 weeks with no mess. A little longer if you need a basement bathroom or kitchen.

FINAL ROUND: Round 5: Noise Reduction

Drywall: Drywall is noisy. The echo and noise bouncing off drywall can ruin your home theater experience and be very distracting at parties.


Impressive Basements: Our fiberglass panels with our self healing acoustic fabric reduces noise by 85%. This is the same technology that is used in all major movie theaters around the world. George Lucas said “50% of your movie experience is sound.” Have you ever turned up the sound and it doesn’t help? That’s because it’s not that you can’t hear it can’t understand it due to reverberation and echo. The Impressive Basement System solves that.

WINNER: Impressive Basements!

So whats wrong with using drywall in your finished basement? It turns out a whole lot. Impressive Basements is the clear winner here for a safe and easy basement remodeling.